Today, Walker and I read several passages from “What If? - Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions” by Randall Munroe.

I tempted him with hot chocolate and told him about my plan for morning reading. He initially declined but, as if by magic, when I had the kindle app open to the book and began to talk about what I had been reading, he began to read it to me while I completed the hot chocolate.

Based on some of the questions in the book, we began to have a talk about space flight, the Apollo program, the velocity one needs to escape the earth, the distance from here to space, the difficulty of staying in orbit - and the speed it takes to stay there. (And I clocked a way into higher mathematics for him later - calculating the probability of hypothetical questions - actually fin and needs a LOT of logical reasoning attached to it.)

This conversation transitioned to him bringing downstairs his Lego creations from the last few days and explaining them to me - various out-sized mechanized appendages to Lego characters based on an amine series he has watched.

Good start!