Today, Walker discovered riding Charlie in his bike and took him on multiple small forays into town. We took video and posted it to facebook - lots of “likes”. One of the trips took both boys and I to the Main Place, where we had a chance to get some lunch and see Sydney briefly. A tentative plan to see she and Drew (and fam) sometime this weekend was formed.

I went upstairs around 10:30am and caught him while he was working on LEGO’s. I read more of “What If” to him around the question of “If I time traveled to Times Square 1000 years ago, what would it be like?” The answer was wonderful, centering on the flora, fauna and natives of the area and it sent us to a webpage,, which showed us a map and representation of Manhattan with trees on it! This led to a comparison of present day Manhattan in google maps and lots of discussion (and potential discussion) of colonization / civilization / deforestation / urban life etc.

Walker also rode the taga bike solo into town to redeem cans and came back with 80 cents and another ride under his belt.

Later, I tried to engage Walker in a game of Sequence by starting it. No dice. Try again later.